Metal after Victory

Metal after Victory

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Freddie By loveher187 Updated Aug 10, 2017


A warship had been detected in our universe, and the signal is moving fast. What we didn't know was that a ancient alien race was the signal, and that they weren't just exiled to another planet years ago, but they were exiled to another dimension.
Our world does not have just one universe.

But, us Autobots couldn't destroy them by mere force, and with just us few here. We will have to team up with someone we despise, and someone we have to learn to respect. 
But a task has been given to me, and i have to make the most drastic decision of my life. Along with a surprise happening at the same time.

To destroy our new enemies, it will take  me, Optimus, and Megatron -of all people- to protect our world. 

But will everything work out as planned?

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moinuddinqureshi moinuddinqureshi May 18, 2018
The is the only bad thing about the book is bumblebee's death
MountFelina MountFelina Jul 07, 2016
Heheheh X3
                              "What a great story to write down later on." I see what's going on here ;3
MountFelina MountFelina Jul 03, 2016
Of course you do XD You always have some kind of trick up your sleeve, gurl ;3
SayHeyo SayHeyo Jul 07, 2016
Slorix? Hmm. *brain processing* And....never heard of it before. Though awesome chapter!
SirenixPrime SirenixPrime Oct 06, 2016
What the hay happened? Since when did the Autobots and deceptions become friends? This is the sequel to If Only right?