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RWBY Vol 2 Male Reader X Ruby Rose

RWBY Vol 2 Male Reader X Ruby Rose

23.7K Reads 406 Votes 13 Part Story
JackiFlame By JackiFlame Completed

Decided to upload the second volume onto Wattpad as well. One day I will come up with and original name...XD

Most of the introductory parts of the chapters talk about information regarding my Deviantart account, so don't worry about them much. Hope you enjoy! :)

zakawsome zakawsome Jan 12
I hit somthing but I didnt hit what I was going for so I missed
grimhawk grimhawk Jan 07
About half as hard as my dick, meaning you need an anti tank rifle to pierce it
LucienDragonheart LucienDragonheart Dec 06, 2016
I'll admit, it's hard to believe that this guy/I know so much... maybe try making it seem more coincidental and less "I'm the product of a writer who knows what happens next"... I'm sorry, I love the story so far, though! Just trying to give constructive criticism!
KeremGlbin KeremGlbin Nov 06, 2016
(Y/N) you do know you can just add a ribbon or chain that extends and use it like Hollow Ichigo from Bleach. Pretty good idea if you me
UpTurnedInk UpTurnedInk Feb 21
Nooooo! My only weakness! I will have to have the song in my head forever!
Vengeance_Knight Vengeance_Knight Dec 10, 2016
Damn it! We won't die from the enemy, we'll die from lack of sleep!