ISABELLA The Førgotten One

ISABELLA The Førgotten One

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🇯🇲♌🇺🇸 By Dark_thots Updated Sep 05, 2017

Cover by @sgsd3D

She's a girl obsessed with the idea of death and anything dark.

He's a guy, that just screams darkness.

He has a secret, she wasn't supposed to see.


The cold sharp silver enters my body, sending chills and goosebumps all over. Still staring into his eyes, they're filled with anger and jealousy. I search them for any sign of regret, but there's none at all.

I drop my mouth open in shock, no scream will come out. He pulls away from my body, leaving it there. Falling back into the brick wall crouched over

  • badboy
  • boxer
  • complicatedrelationship
  • dark
  • deep
  • fantasy
  • stephenjames
  • supernatural
  • violence
  • wattys2017
SirPunzAKA-Alot SirPunzAKA-Alot Nov 25, 2017
I've been looking for this book everywhere I lost it from my library and I couldn't find it I'm so happy I finally found it again !!!
fierce98 fierce98 May 26, 2017
This is really fascinating story.
                              I like stephen james very much.
H_Rhiannon H_Rhiannon Jun 28, 2017
Ummm. I deserve a promotion without doing this soooooo. Back up.
Humanities_Bane Humanities_Bane Sep 06, 2017
Saves her from guys trying to sleep with her
                              Tries to sleep with her
VulpesLagopus VulpesLagopus Jul 15, 2017
Better not be a late shift or he's gon' be waiting for you outside.
lornadartez6 lornadartez6 Mar 05, 2017
Don't know why, but I read this paragraph to the tune of be our guest