ISABELLA The Førgotten One

ISABELLA The Førgotten One

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🇯🇲🇱🇷 By Dark_thots Updated Jul 26

Cover by @sgsd3D

She's a girl obsessed with the idea of death and anything dark.

He's a guy, that just screams darkness.

He has a secret, she wasn't supposed to see.


The cold sharp silver enters my body, sending chills and goosebumps all over. Still staring into his eyes, they're filled with anger and jealousy. I search them for any sign of regret, but there's none at all.

I drop my mouth open in shock, no scream will come out. He pulls away from my body, leaving it there. Falling back into the brick wall crouched over

fierce98 fierce98 May 26
This is really fascinating story.
                              I like stephen james very much.
H_Rhiannon H_Rhiannon Jun 28
Ummm. I deserve a promotion without doing this soooooo. Back up.
Better not be a late shift or he's gon' be waiting for you outside.
Don't know why, but I read this paragraph to the tune of be our guest