My Step-Brothers{COMPLETED}

My Step-Brothers{COMPLETED}

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Imani Pov

Hey yall my name is Imani Hernandez.Im 16 years old and I go to Lincoln Park Highschool in Michigan.Im 4'11,yep short,and I'm mixed with Black,Puerto Rican,Dominican and Chinese.

I don't know why I get bullied but I get bullied by Mateo Bowles,Lelo Bowles,Zavier Greene,Alonzo Daniels and Zay Washington.

We all used to be cool and Mateo used to be my bestie but I got suspended and idk what happened all I know is that Mateo got a new girl before I came back.

Anyway I was in class tryna do my work and a paper ball ended up on my desk.I opened it and it said 

"Help me with these math questions hoe

 Jade is Mateo's girlfriend the last person I would ever wanna help on earth.I threw it in the trash and another paper ball ended up on my desk and I was bout to throw it out but a pencil was thrown past my face.Wtf

I looked back and seen Mateo laughing.

Mateo:(mouths)open it

I opened the letter and stared at it

"My girl asked you for help you dumbass bitch,help her ...

drippylayy drippylayy Nov 06
I'll help u out ight imma beat that ass something ya momma should have did
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DrippyBre- DrippyBre- Aug 29
How bout I help you catch these motherfucking hands hun ? 😂
nigga i will knock yo ass back to the mommas puss@ Try me hoe
If uon like me den fight if uon wanna fight me den stfu and take several seats