Pictures From The Insomniac

Pictures From The Insomniac

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Calling people crazy makes me feel sane By Danny3O Updated Apr 18

It's new.
         Everything about it, right from the bitingly cold winds that nip at your skin, down to the boisterous traffic that rings outside your window at 2am in the night. That's the best way  Dennis Winston, an overly-optimistic young photographer, can describe the feeling of being pulled from her hometown down in Kansas Lebanon and hurled into Brooklyn New York, forced to adapt to a whole-new way of life.
      New. Exciting. Frightening even. 
        That is until Dennis meets her upstairs neighbor, Joji, a cynical failed writer who manages to worm his way into her life. From then on, both their lives are transformed, as the city of lights teaches them both to unlock parts of themselves they never even knew existed.
       Skeletons get pulled from the closet; fears become a reality as both Joji and Dennis try and find themselves in the City of New York.

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