Heart of gold ☞ Sonny with a chance

Heart of gold ☞ Sonny with a chance

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RHS By williamsherondales Updated Nov 08

❝Only those with a heart of gold are truly beautiful, for true beauty after all originates in the heart.❞

{season 1-}

||Chad Dylan Cooper||

lmao this is my second time through and now i wanna write a fanfic but idk
bobmorley bobmorley Jul 03
I am so pumped for this, I loved this show and chad Dylan Cooper
I'm cool with her apologizing but I also want her to have a backbone
-fargone -fargone Sep 17
I love the show too ! When I was a kid,I would always pretend I was on the show.
                              I wanna write a Fanfiction about it,but eh
-fargone -fargone Sep 17
Sweetie,if I was On the cast of so random. I'd be hella sarcastic and even Sonny would get tired with me
-fargone -fargone Sep 17
I always wanted to watch Mackenzie falls ! With CDC 😂😂