Eyes of Emerald

Eyes of Emerald

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c a t r i n By catmai Completed

“The thing on top of Keira got up, slowly, and stood smaller than I thought. It stood on four legs, like a dog, and growled like a wolf. I swore under my breath as it leaped at me, claws extended, and I knew I was about to die.”

Behind the clouds on a dark night in London, the full moon is rising. Little do teenagers Autumn and Keira know how this moon will change their lives forever. 

 Attacked in an alley, Autumn and Keira find themselves deep in a world they never knew existed - a land where all the stories are true. Faeries, vampires, werewolves...even Shapeshifters. 

 Suddenly the two friends are alone in a place they don't understand. They're submerged in the Rebel Camp of Aldeari, a place under constant threat by the King. As Autumn learns more about Aldeari, the more she wants to go home - but she's in too deep to leave now. 

 Will love - or loss - change her for the better? Or will she fall, like so many others, in the fight for justice?

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