Built To Fight

Built To Fight

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Ellie and Kyle join a new gym called "The Rage Cage" because their old gym shut down. The instructor is a possessive dominant God. His eyes are set on Ellie the moment she walks in. Kane, the god, will do everything in his power to be with her as much as he can. Ellie, not knowing how to feel, puts up a fight. She was built to fight, but so was he.


"Is he better than me? Does he make you feel better than I do?" He was almost in front of me and I started to weigh my options on if moving back would be a good idea. 

"Yes." Lie! Such a big lie! 

He looks so hurt and I just want to hold him. He walks towards me and I back up. I can't let him do this again. I fall weak under his touch. 

"Tell me kitten, does he do this?" He pushes my up against the kitchen counter, firmly placing his hands on my waist pulling me close. 

"Does he do this?" He whispers in my ear. He places a kiss on my neck then starts to suck and bite. I almost groan but don't. My knees have weaken a little and I'm gripping his forearm. He pulls back to examine his mark.

He laughs, "One in each side; does he do that?" What? I have two hickeys? One from today, one from last night. How am I going to cover those up?

I reach up to my neck to feel them. I look up at him mortified. 

"Don't look so sad, kitten. They look good on you."

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Batgirl_in_evolution Batgirl_in_evolution Oct 31, 2016
I don't know how to do half of these, and fifty motherfuckin sit ups
SmokesDope SmokesDope Oct 29, 2016
.....so fifty sit..up...crunches...touches....free.....go.....So he want death?
iiKuro iiKuro Jan 29, 2017
Change the asked to ask. The different tense is bugging me :3
Alleycat242 Alleycat242 Nov 02, 2016
Omg what is this song!!! The name is on the tip of my tongue!!!
Khloewe Khloewe Jan 19, 2017
bruh i'm listening to this album right now... freaky but cool
Mingirik24 Mingirik24 Dec 04, 2016
Yum! Wow! I mean delicious! No! What??? Ok, my imagination is on fire! :)))