-Vampire AU- Vampires And Villagers

-Vampire AU- Vampires And Villagers

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Am_i_dark_or_wut By Am_i_dark_or_wut Updated May 14, 2017

This is a story about the vampire AU, that was created by blogthegreatrouge on tumblr. A fanfic because i love this AU.

The vampire Fallace and the villager Encre lived in a castle near a village. But with the time, the two lived, a new vampire was born and the newest servant boy was supposed to take care of the prince til the end of his live....

Also, if you don't like it that Ink is a girl here, then please don't read it. I made him a girl here because it's easier to write a story then. Sorry if you don't like it '◇

⚠️This story is NOT written by the cannon 'skript' so do not hate on uncannon gender/backstorys/ships⚠️

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ChoiWooyun ChoiWooyun Mar 10, 2017
uh oh...
                              EVERYONE COVER YOUR EARS!!!!!!!!
                              HERE COMES FANDOM IN...
                              *Covers Ears*
salmalovecreepypasta salmalovecreepypasta Oct 23, 2016
I can't stop laughing...
                              It's Fallacy, if you wanted to know
Candyearth Candyearth Nov 22, 2016
Who's fallace and Encre? I know that Fallace is Error...and Encres ink but I'm so confused...
Hawt_Fresh Hawt_Fresh Nov 25, 2016
Let me just search up encre (ink) gender... oh wait its a male... my good person...pls fix this, u have made a mistake
witchgirl28 witchgirl28 Jul 06, 2016
keep going  this is  great! no rush tho btw im also making my own :)