The Burrow (A Fred Weasley Fan Fiction)

The Burrow (A Fred Weasley Fan Fiction)

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Teen mom? Check. On the run? Check. Daughter of the Dark Lord? Check. Not entirely human? Check. Slowly falling in love with a Weasley? Yup, got that too.

Journey with Marley Riddle as she is tracked down by her estranged and not very loving father, Voldemort. Forcing her and her daughter to flee and come upon a safe haven that she only dreamed of going to. She takes refuge at the burrow where she meets some very interesting people and soon enough starts to feel herself grow attach to the people in the burrow. Maybe a little too attached to one of the red headed Weasley boys? Watch as Marley turns flaming red from a boy with flaming red hair and works hard to protect the people she loves from the one man that could ruin everything. 

This book is the first book in the Marley series, read the A/N at the end of the book to know which book is next in the series. This book was formerly known as "Can We Seriously Be A Family?".

Katiet88888 Katiet88888 Sep 17
Harry Potter and my friend's birthday! Oh we can't forget the Queen whom I worship, J.K. Rowling!
lily62516 lily62516 Mar 26
It's funny how everyone only thought of that now and not before
Accio_Bed Accio_Bed Jul 27
How is she a muggle? She should at least be a squib, but she can do magic, like apparition, so isn't she a witch?
shevvy101 shevvy101 Oct 13
Wouldn't she be a Squib? Or are they still called Muggles even if both parents are wizards?
- - Sep 08, 2015
This is my second time reading and the seeing my mommy cry part still gets me
rivr_song rivr_song Aug 08, 2015
ohhhh you don't like snakes???? how are you going to open the chamber of secrets then???