The Bored Hero

The Bored Hero

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SlashCrit By SlashCrit Updated Nov 17, 2016

'Do you believe in past lives?'

As strange as it may seem, somehow I've been born retaining the vague memories from my past life.

To others, maybe this would be something to be happy or excited about.

But if you asked me, it just all seems like a pain.

To me, inexplainable phenomenons like this are plain troublesome to deal with.

And to make matters even stranger is that, in my past life, I seem to have been...

A hero.

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Practice makes perfect but no one is perfect... So... Try and try before you die
emotionless and really good at fighting? my second favorite character type in a nutshell 
JGdrone JGdrone Dec 04, 2016
Ohh I've seen this story before lol I can likely see the ending already be it may a magical event in that modern world he reincarnated that would give an extravagant ending with romance and what not, or just plain old school life of everyday romance life of him and the student council girl hehe😁
libraryrockerr libraryrockerr Oct 08, 2016
XD  I laughed at the end.   Thanks so very very much for all your hard work!
ChaoticWriting ChaoticWriting Oct 05, 2016
..... Uh.... Dude.... Ita been what? Months?please update....
JashinxSama JashinxSama Oct 13, 2016
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