The Bored Hero

The Bored Hero

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SlashCrit By SlashCrit Updated 6 days ago

'Do you believe in past lives?'

As strange as it may seem, somehow I've been born retaining the vague memories from my past life.

To others, maybe this would be something to be happy or excited about.

But if you asked me, it just all seems like a pain.

To me, inexplainable phenomenons like this are plain troublesome to deal with.

And to make matters even stranger is that, in my past life, I seem to have been...

A hero.

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Scenery_Symphony Scenery_Symphony Jun 25, 2017
Practice makes perfect but no one is perfect... So... Try and try before you die
I love caramel... I hate coffee... I'm cofused as to hate this conbo or not
AngelZWolf AngelZWolf Nov 26, 2017
                              I hope so to. Or
                              I already am. Or
                              Saving the people has made me happy. Or
                              Only in this life could I be.. *I didn't complain enough* happy
_dark_soldier_ _dark_soldier_ Apr 23, 2017
emotionless and really good at fighting? my second favorite character type in a nutshell 
KenAllTheWay KenAllTheWay Jan 09, 2017
I'm gonna start reading! The title give me the thrill to read this! Exited on what's gonna happen next! 😉