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This isn't happening!!!!

This isn't happening!!!!

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Sanoma By Sam8Sarah Updated Mar 12, 2012

May is a normal rich girl. Well mostly. Guys at her school don't notice her and she hangs out with the her best guy friend and best girlfriend. She trys so hard to do everything to please her parents, perfect A student, her parents don't understand her and she gets bullied. She believes that she doesn't belong. But when her parents leave for an important trip that's all about to change.She finds out her guy friend (that she likes) likes her back. She's not sure if she should do anything so she waits. A bet brakes out that they end up dating. She throws a party to show everyone that it is different, that she isn't the person that they think. Her sister shows up dragging Justin Bieber and things get crazy. Then a new (cute) guy shows up that's new to the school and May might be falling for him. But what about Drake?! (her guy friend/boyfriend) She gets drunk and 2 weeks later....Something unexpected happens

DuckMuffin42 DuckMuffin42 Jan 16, 2011
OOOHH . . . I'LL BET KESHA SHOWS UP AT THE PARTY!!! :D Either that or Justin Bieber . . . or both.  OR A CUTE AND FUZZY PUPPY.  THAT WOULD ROCK. :D
Sam8Sarah Sam8Sarah Jan 14, 2011
I need at least 5 votes on this chapter to continue, sorry. Oh and I have most of the next chapter done and it's really good. Little hint the name if it is: Chapter 3-Not just a party. :) get those votes!!!!! 
Sam8Sarah Sam8Sarah Jan 03, 2011
sry i didnt get it uploaded, i will upload soon!!!! I am soooo happy, i made my J.B sunglasses, and i got my kesha Cd....and my justin bieber cd SOOOO HAPPY!
ChinoLayne ChinoLayne Jan 02, 2011
                              Why would you go die in a closet? You just told her she needs to update 'rude', thats a good thing, then she doesnt  look so stupid, because other people, unlike me, might think that she doesnt know how to spell, as opposed to just being lazy.
ChinoLayne ChinoLayne Jan 02, 2011
Well, you do know how to spell, you just don't take the time to do it. Anyways I know its hard to get your thoughts down on paper with correct spelling. I just type it on word, and then copy and paste it to wattpad, after i spell check and edit it.
Sam8Sarah Sam8Sarah Dec 31, 2010
LOL shannon, you crack me up and know me sooooo well....i will because you put kesha in there probably tomorrow..i will start writing tonight