F I R E  A N D  I C E | Robb Stark

F I R E A N D I C E | Robb Stark

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Isabelle Cohen By dragon-of-winter Updated Sep 04, 2017

Elaena and Daenerys Targaryen are twins that were separated right after birth; one was sent to the North to become a ward of the Starks and the other was exiled. Eddard Stark swore to protect the silver-haired girl at all costs, but will the dragon survive through the winter, among the wolves?

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Everyone is fawning over Robb, and then you get me: Aawwwww 😍 Puppies!!!
whitewolfbarnes whitewolfbarnes Sep 20, 2017
suddenly, my hands begin to shake and i can no longer see as im blind by beauty and love.