The slyth and the gryff- camren Hogwarts au

The slyth and the gryff- camren Hogwarts au

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SFG By camren__is__life Updated Jul 17, 2016

Ally Brooke Hernandez was born into a muggle family. At age three the family soon discovered the indescribable powers their daughter possessed and soon was introduced into the magical world of witches, Wizards, goblins, Giants, dragons and more. 

At age five Ally was enrolled into a muggle school which had its difficulties. Ally trying to hide the magic she possessed to the muggles became hard. With no friends Ally soon realised she was different from everyone else and had become a super shy person.

At age nine, Ally was being home-schooled by her muggle parents about muggle life and technology. Still shy and with no friends Ally would stay in her home all day everyday so she would expose her secret or be bullied for being different.

At age eleven Ally got her letter to Hogwarts and soon was on the train to the magical school of witchcraft and wizardry. Being sorted into Hufflepuff, Ally had learned that her kindness was a blessing and soon made lots of friends who had the sam...

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