Cold hearted -septiplier AU-

Cold hearted -septiplier AU-

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xXim-so-dunXx By xXim-so-dunXx Completed

Jack wanted to pretend everything was normal- but it wasn't. Every move he made felt like he was being watched- no matter how many times mark told him it was natural, after everything that happened. 

Though he wasn't the only one falling apart- and someone lurks on the sidelines, waiting for the right moment to strike.

sometimes, to survive in this world, you have to be really cold hearted.

-sequel to cold blooded-

Holy duck I hope you read this and realize that you're an amazing writer. Keep on writing because the stories you write are amazing!
I know it's gonna be great 
                              I know I'm probably gonna cry my eyes out 
                              I know it's gonna be worth it 
                              Let's do this
Oh no death? I know what that means with you but I'm really excited your books are truly amazing
I've already read Harsh Realities, if this is like that, I'm gonna kill everyone
I'm excited but really scared because I remember the time I read two septiplier stories in a row where Jack killed himself at the end and I literally broke in half. I think I'll be ok but if he dies in this one too I will cry until the cows come home
Chrissellia Chrissellia Jul 04
I won't be able to stop crying of jack dies like he did in harsh realities 😭❤️