Best Mistake☽  Zustin Mieber AU

Best Mistake☽ Zustin Mieber AU

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amethyst By xojared Updated Jul 15, 2017

Zayn Malik is a normal 16 year old boy , who was home schooled his whole life but everything quickly changes right after he goes to Mystic Wood High then quickly meets 4 new people in his life , until he starts talking to Selena Gomez , Justins girlfriend.
•     Justin Bieber is the popular high school jock , he's the leader of the Football team and is always being a jerk to other people who "deserve" it , he has his girlfriend Selena they've been going off and on for a while until Selena meets Zayn and Justin thinks she's flirting with him , so Justin gets a little bit too jealous ... That's when he makes his Best Mistake.

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