Not Exactly Romeo & Juliet

Not Exactly Romeo & Juliet

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                Romeo and Juliet; one of the most well-known romance stories of all time.

                Forbidden love, dramatic deaths, beautiful poetry; what isn't to love about it?

                Well, Juliet Callans could give you one reason she doesn't like it - the names of the two people the book is centered on.

                Romeo and Juliet.

                Sadly, she has the same name as Juliet, and because of poor planning, her enemy was named Romeo.

                Why was he her enemy?

                Well, the Callans family and the Millar family have never been very... Kind to one another. And that hatred has definitely been passed down to both Romeo and Juliet.

                 The two might share the same names as one of the world's most famous couples, but they definitely don't share the same love.

                Or do they?

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