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A Ghoul And A Titan

A Ghoul And A Titan

11.8K Reads 556 Votes 9 Part Story
Shimigitsu21 By Shimigitsu21 Updated Feb 05

It all started between the fight of Kaneki and Amon, fighting along with their quinque and kagune. As the fight goes on, a black hole suddenly appear between the two, sucking them both in the dark abyss as they both drift off to a dreamless sleep. Opening their eyes, they found themselves in front of a huge giant, smiling at them intently. Where are they? Welcome to the outside of the walls.

Yellow!♡ Shimigitsu21 here..I know that I kinda published too much books, which seemed incomplete but my brain was torturing me to do so. There are other bunch of crossovers of TG actually, and hey, Im a fan. Just not on the outside. Well anyways, I do not own Tokyo Ghoul nor Attack on Titans. So, without further or do, hope you guys enjoy reading this! ^w^/

Empty_Mask Empty_Mask 5 days ago
To think logically ghouls keep the human population in balance. Ghouls are living beings that  live for a reason.
Raven_mellanna Raven_mellanna Oct 22, 2016
Whoa. That was a good chapter. 
                              You are doing well with wording and great with grammer do far.
Shimigitsu21 Shimigitsu21 Jul 19, 2016
Yellow! Thanks for voting and liking the chapter of this story!♡ this really helps me alot!