Harry Potter: Secrets Unveiled

Harry Potter: Secrets Unveiled

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Bella Cullen By BrightWitchHermione Updated Sep 21, 2016

After the demise of Voldemort all Harry wants is a quiet year at Hogwarts, however he should have known that would be too much to ask for as during the summer secrets were unveiled about his true parentage. Lily and Severus were actual married and James Potter - a friend who helped keep the truth away from nosy Headmasters.

With Voldemort gone certain family members who were taken too soon as returned to those who love them most. Who are these people you ask? Recently reunited soulmates James and Sirius Potter, Nymphadora and Remus Lupin, Fred Weasley, Ted Tonks, Fabian and Gideon Weasley and finally Alice & Frank Longbottom.

Albus Dumbledore however has many tasks to fulfil before Fate and Death even think about allowing him to return to the land of the living, the first one is to leave Harry Snape alone.

Pairings HS/LM  JP/SB  RL/NT  LS/SS  HG/FW

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As we can all see, there are two types of people in these fandoms..... xD
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*punches him square in the face* if you're gonna say that then fight me coward *puts a fighting stance* trust me I know how to fight even if I'm a girl
Oh God this is good !!!!!
                              runs to Lucius 
                              I AM SO HAPPY FOR U CAN I PLAN THE WEDDING
I'd say something but then I'd have capsicle *glares at steve* pass out or wash my mouth out with some plus hermione would criticize my language
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I wonder how Ronald ever got the idea in his head that Harry would ever give him his money