Killa Kings {Urban}

Killa Kings {Urban}

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Raised in the foster care system, King was a knuckle head kid, from the streets of Compton, California. Now 20 years old, he was currently jumping from from couch to couch, trying to find a content place to at least go to sleep. He had it rough in his years of living. No parents, no guidance, just him. 

Local coke boy from around the way, Pharaoh was a 19 year old, trying to find his way. With his mother on her death bed, he felt as if his world was falling apart. After declining his football scholarship, just to stay back in the slums of Harlem with his sick mother, he had to get it how he lived. 

The New Orleans heartbreaker, 18 year old Prince lived a somewhat regular life. He slung some rocks here and there just to get by, when times was rough. Having to drop out of school to take care of his baby sister and moms, life was hard for him, but he did what he needed too do in order to provide for his family. 

But when their father, one of the biggest dirty business men in the game dies, he leaves all his assets to his three boys. Money, cars, clothes, hoes they split everything equally. 

Even the biggest businesses.

Three boys taking over the drug, assassination, and escorting world, leaving others in rage. Drama, lies, crime, death, friendships, maybe love will all play a big factor in their new lives. 

They're gonna have to fight for what's their's, what they need, what they want. They're gonna have to do whatever is necessary to survive. 

Well you know the saying. 

Only the strong will survive, while the weak well you know, die.

QueenzJ QueenzJ Nov 04
Nice description.
                              3 SEXY looking men, especially Aug aka Prince.
                              I have a feeling these 3 bros might end up fighting over the same lady or ladies.
                              Peace. One Love. J.
Everybody over here like ",zzaaaaddyyyy" or "he's mine" or something like that, while I'm over here like "why it look like he eating something" 😂😂
zendayatbh zendayatbh Jul 28
This trailer was bound amazing like I'm ready for the book 😍👏🏾
YMAistheGOD YMAistheGOD Jul 28
This trailer made my gotdam  day with all of my faves in this book I can feel that it's about to be lit asf
YG-400 YG-400 Nov 04
Really waiting for this book to drop like a pair of Jordan's. On another note, how you make them Trailers?
BriannaAshley5 BriannaAshley5 2 days ago
He is not fine to me anymore, he's still cute but he's not "daddyish" anymore