YA Paranormal Romance Short Story
    When a Taker takes her best friend’s soul, 16-year-old Evee refuses to let Jaeger become just another Void. She wants to help him, but she has no idea how. After an accident gives her a concussion, she starts hearing voices in her head-–well, one voice, loud, clear, and overly peppy and it belongs to Jaeger’s little sister. And Mercy has a plan to get his soul back, once and for all...as long as they can outwit the Taker hunting them first.
If i could vote for it like 50 times I just would. Great job! (^w^)b
awesome as always! and i agree with @EmilyStites most short stories are rushes and this one wasnt
This was really good ! Normally I feel that some short stories are rushed, but this one was really good!