The Gang Leader Wants Me(Still Editing)

The Gang Leader Wants Me(Still Editing)

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If you ever met Jezzabelle Lemana you'd think she was a nice, sweet, loving person with the perfect life. But some things are not what they seem. 

This 17 year old is trying her best to get out of her senior year of high school without having to remember the fact that she's being abused by her stepmother and father at home. She built a wall so high that no one can ever know about her or her past. But what happens when someone breaks it down? 

Emmet King is the leader of the most wanted gang in the streets of Detroit. He is heartless and forgot about love ever since what happened to him in the past. Everyone fears him with respect when he walks past. 

What happens when these two collide? And Emmet makes what he wants his?! 

The only thing I heard when he towers over me is the word 'mine' 
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my schools old principal would give people detention if we didn't say his name like "Dr. Mathis", and also... DETENTION FOR FORGETTING A PENCIL? like boi you liked your power wayyyy too much
Lmao wow mental asylum my man tells me to leave my phone alone he tells me I'm obsessed I'm like no I could put the phone away if I wanted I just don't want to!
Nipell Nipell Sep 16
Like my family they called me Dr because all my sisters are studying medicine and pharmacy ..They want me to be like them and I really want too
lilsies lilsies Sep 07
Wow, your books have a lot of reads. I'm impressed. I wonder if they're as good as the reads suggest - I better start reading then...
queenbbhomemaker queenbbhomemaker 4 days ago
I always think the hot guys have small dicks since they have to have at least one imperfection..