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"Assalam alay-"

Holy chicken. 

Hottie alert. 

Does my veil look sexy?


The holy month of Ramadan. A month where Muslims are required to fast, abstain from sins and connect spiritually with Allah. 

It's also the month that Paulina Suarez; the practising, straightforward, biracial Muslimah with a very colorful vocabulary, tries to avoid acting on her feelings for the goofy baker boy who has been assigned to make food for her break of fast for the next 30 days. 

30 days. She just has to endure his smiles, sense of humor and amazing talent in the art of making samosas for 30 days without jumping his bones.

...and without killing that co worker of his that's just trying to get to him before Ramadan is up. 

Yep... no pressure at all. 


a/n: side project which is dedicated to the beautiful month of Ramadan.


to be edited once it's complete

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Teen Wolf and Gossip Girl fans alert!
                              This is THE story you've been waiting for
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                              I was listening to crush earlier today!!
                              BLAKE LIVELY
                              BLAIR-GOSSIP GIRL AND COLTON HAYNES
YESSS im looking forward to this non-stereotypical unique story
I don't know much about the Ramadan holiday, but hey it's always interesting to learn :) Also it's a story by you so I mean I freaking loved Logically Falling, so it's only logic that I'll be falling in love with this one
All my gosh! My tween years was Victorious, I often imagined me as the Tori Vega (with my name being Victoria)!
azkaban- azkaban- Jul 15
When I spill my cold drink on the president....😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂