Hetalia Zodiac Signs Book

Hetalia Zodiac Signs Book

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Chibi By ChibiSpace-Chan Updated Jul 12

I was reading some Creepypasta Zodiac Signs book and such, and it seemed to have sparked my interest to writing/making my own Zodiac Book. So.. I hope you enjoy!! :3 The book cover is from Rosel-D, he's an awesome guy :D 

Here's his DeviantArt account:

P.S He changed his username to 'Cioccolatodorima' so don't think you were at the wrong Deviant.

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Me and my twinsister are Capricorn too. (And I really like mergoat)
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3mma1i113y 3mma1i113y Jul 14
I'm a Pisces. I'm just about 3 days away from being Aries. And my sister is on the very last day of Leo.
I actually have a friend named Michelle, but she's from Taiwan xD
Wait...by the way it's written...apparently I'm also Aries...?