My Boss And I

My Boss And I

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Elaiza Kate D.S Alviar By Kate_Alviar_ Updated Mar 05

Rosemarie Hathaway a 18 year old girl who just graduated from college 5 months ago she decided to apply at The Belikov Company. 

"So why should I hire you ? " The Hot Russian God asked "That's because I can get the work done and I can follow all your orders " I answered 

He smiled at me and said "Your hired you'll start tomorrow 8:30 am sharp and your salary will be $150 thousand a month that's all you may go " 

I exited his office and said to my self "My Boss is HOT as hell"

*narrows eyes* *thinks*  "goodbye IPhone 5" I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE!
he was looking through your phone like a creep. Lol, im kidding.