Our Vampire Neighbors [Fairy Tail Vampire Fanfiction](Completed)

Our Vampire Neighbors [Fairy Tail Vampire Fanfiction](Completed)

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SHE'S ANGRY! By LucyHeartfilia0530 Completed

Lucy,Levy,Juvia and Erza are friends ever since they are 7 years old. Each of them are living in one house. They have a normal teen age life. But it will all change when they met their neighbors and lived there ever since they moved there.

Natsu,Gajeel,Gray,Jellal are neighbors of the girls but they only know them by physical appearance because none of them have make the move to make friends.

The girls think that they're weird because they have weird activities. So they just shrugged it off. Maybe they're just weird.

But unexpectedly they are vampires. Whom they fell for.

They have been kidnapped by the boys to be their slaves. So that the information that they have gathered won't be spread.

Foxtail134 Foxtail134 Aug 29, 2016
Wow... U want Sting to trample poor Lucy with a car?! Bad Natsu Bad.
Bluestar920 Bluestar920 Oct 27, 2016
I love the pic where Lucy 's like IMMA GHOST!  and zeref is like WHERE ARE YOU IGNEEL!?!?!? :c
MsLockser MsLockser Mar 08
I'm jealous, 
                              I'm overzealous
                              When I feel down I get real down
                              When I get high I don't come down
                              You don't judge me
                              Cause if you did, baby I would judge you too
KimaYuki101 KimaYuki101 Feb 25
Erza said that AMD im  pretty sure she the only one who  does 😑😐
MsLockser MsLockser Mar 08
-_RavenFyre_- -_RavenFyre_- Dec 14, 2016
Yes it is gay, because gay means happy, and "yay" is a happy sound.