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Magnus Bane By daddorkio Updated Jun 25

It has been 10 years since the world was thrown into chaos. The United States government has managed to create various checkpoints in different cities across the country to maintain order among what is left of the population. 

Tobias Eaton, however, travels with a gang of hunters in Chicago, outside of the checkpoint which holds the rest of the people in the city. The group is filled with men and women who no longer have regard for innocent lives, killing any and all survivors that they come into contact with, and taking what little belongings they have to their name.

The search for a cure was abandoned years ago, along with all hope of life returning back to normal. However, everything changes when Tobias runs into someone who might just be able give the world, and his morality, a fighting chance.

Started on 07/04/16

Cover by @rannells

Tori is way too old for Tobias. She is like 30? 40? And Tobias is eighteen.
But I guess it's different which is a first (from the stories that I've read) and I like it
Dystopiandudet46 Dystopiandudet46 Dec 04, 2016
I didn't think I was Tris who he was with... He's going to find her
UniversalAsteroid UniversalAsteroid Oct 24, 2016
This is such an original idea for a Divergent Fanfic <4 I love it so far! I'm tearing up though because Tori dying the first time was bad enough... ughh, you can seriously write!
Dystopiandudet46 Dystopiandudet46 Dec 04, 2016
Why you making me cry... This is way sader (is that even a word?!) than when she died in Allegiant... Thanks 😂😅😔😳😥
Okay, it's 12:57am here and I'm just finding this story out.