Suite 103. (COMPLETED)

Suite 103. (COMPLETED)

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Killa K. By keianasuxx Completed

© Iain Mccormick

I see you.
I want you.
I need you.
You are forbidden.

I crave your touch.
I yearn for your lips.
You don't want me.
So why do you stay?

I see you.
Everyone sees you.
I want you.
I want these feelings
to leave me alone.

My heart aches,
breaks, and shatters
when you are near.
When aren't you?

I want you to
hold me, caress me,
like no one ever has.
Because no one ever has.

I want you to run your
hands through my hair.
Call me beautiful,
Love me.

I want you to go away,
never come back.
Get out of my life.
Leave me alone.

Come back.
Wrap those strong, sinuous arms
around me.
Hold me close.

These unforgiving emotions
conflict me,
bind me, trap me.
Hold me close.

I can't stand you.
You bring too much
pain, agony.
Yet I still
Crave you.

You're strong.
Protect me.
Hold me.
Leave me alone.

I don't want you.
You don't want me.
I want you.
You don't want me.

You're so close.
Within my grasp.
Taunting me, tempting me.
With no intention of having me.
Leave me the fuc...

so we just gone ignore that her mom  name is seyvn...........ok
TopKee TopKee Oct 23
Aw man. My great grandmother has it and she thinks I'm my mother at times. It's crazy 😕
Ms_Guided Ms_Guided Nov 25
College isn't different from high school wish I didnt have my expectations so high but hopefully I gain at least one friend
757Vivi757 757Vivi757 Oct 27
This story is making me sad already 😭😭😭😭😭😭
just because you a "big girl" doesn't mean you don't need help but okay sis
TheyLuvDes TheyLuvDes Oct 07, 2015
I don't need you I don't need you I don't need you I don't need you but I want you