¶¶REGRET¶¶ Yandere Sebastian Michaelis x Reader (A Kuroshitsuji FANFIC.)

¶¶REGRET¶¶ Yandere Sebastian Michaelis x Reader (A Kuroshitsuji FANFIC.)

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Kawaii~Senpai By Dark_Mysteries Updated Oct 29

Isn't it painful how the place that you once called home, now a living hell that you would do everything to run away from it?

That you knew that your life was much better without ever meeting this specific person, and it would be better if you never met them at all.

Regret, that is what (y/n) (l/n) is experiencing, why didn't you just get another job? Why choose to be a maid?
Oh...that's right, something happened in your past that made you choose this profession.

The regret is eating you up isn't it?
That you know you're the reason for his death, that you could've done something.

Sebastian Michaelis, that is his name,
Isn't it? The one that made your life the way it is, maybe, just maybe if you accepted his love, you could avoid this....this horrid present.

You want to remember your past, but you always feel this wave of regret, preventing you from trying to remember, you want to know what happened, but you can't, you just can't.

But don't you worry, after all you have been given a chance to change this, a change to change your faith a chance to uncover the truth, a chance given by a grim reaper, a shinigami.

It's up to you..
After all.... 

You're (Y/N) (L/N)

And this is your story.


Ugh, rude. I'm an independent women that don't need no demon butler *flips hair sassily*
I'm scared of my Sebastian now....
                              BUT ONLY IN THIS STTORY!!!
wtf, one minute you love, the next you don't