Together With You - A Kuroken Fanfiction

Together With You - A Kuroken Fanfiction

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hiya~ lolol By The_Alien_Nerd Updated 2 days ago

When one of Kenma's biggest secrets is spilled, it causes a bit a trouble, but Kenma is determined to not let Kuroo know.

Date Started - July 6th, 2016

Date Finished - ///////

akmu-- akmu-- Jul 25
Thank you so much for continuing this! (-: I'm actually really enjoying this tho. Keep up the great work !!
kenmemes_ kenmemes_ Nov 28
holy crap I am really scared because as soon as I read this it started raining lmao
Omg I know! I love Noiz too!!! I just HAD to make Kenna play his route ^^