Putting Together the Pieces (Sequel to The Broken Gilbert)

Putting Together the Pieces (Sequel to The Broken Gilbert)

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Sequel to The Broken Gilbert

January Gilbert has went through trials and tribulations within the past year, With meeting the Salvatore's becoming a hybrid and watching the people she love fall apart. 

Not to mention that she has met her birth mom who was not what people made her out to be. Or at least that's what she thinks, January will have to face all new obstacles when a certain hybrid comes to town looking for the ingredients to break the curse that he was bound to over 1,000 years ago. 

Along with the death of one of her friends and the guilt that she faces knowing that she killed someone unlocking the werewolf curse. How will January cope with all of this on top of this being her junior year of high school? Can she balance the trials of supernatural life along with the budding romances involving the Salvatore brothers?

Read to find out. 

"They always did say be careful of what's in the shadows"

Jazzy2478 Jazzy2478 Aug 05
Uhhh...didnt this already happen...like they just talked about this situation
Girl didn't he just say he thought it was January?  Damn it always gotta be about you..
RevengeBlossoms RevengeBlossoms 4 days ago
But I thought he kissed Katherine's sister who he thought was January?? Wtf is going on
maggie_xox maggie_xox May 23
😂😂😂😂 I am laughing so hard right now and my brother is looking at me like 'WTF IS WRONG WITH. U NEED TO GO THE A MENTAL HOSPITAL' 😂😂
Jazzy2478 Jazzy2478 Aug 05
I'm confused who did he kiss...kathrine? Cause that's how... I dont even know...did he kiss both of them or sum?
Me, I do that and my friends look at me and they get really agitated 😂😂