The Raven King: A RWBY story  (Wattys2016)

The Raven King: A RWBY story (Wattys2016)

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BloodySir By BloodySir13 Updated Nov 20, 2017

Exiled from their homeland, humans and Faunus alike are forced to adapt to the harsh conditions of the wilds. Some withered in the face of adversity, while others thrived in such dangers.  Several clans emerged from the shadows, multiple wolf packs driven by hate and malice; only thing dividing them from providing a true threat being their lack of unity, and true leadership.  However, one clan call themselves Black-Talon.  Proud, Strong, Vicious, Free.   The pillars of their virtues; their strengths, no matter what the kingdoms accomplish to whittle them down, they will lash back with the ferocity of a mother Nevermore.  Although, the village is on its tipping point, as it the rest of the world, when their Warchief, a young, strong lad, goes to negotiate with the headmaster of the Kingdom of Vale, for what seemed like an olive branch of peace, though the world got a little more than what they bargained for on that day.

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Ultaro Ultaro Apr 08, 2017
Excuse my language, but I can't help but eye-rape that cover art!
Dancing_On_Stars Dancing_On_Stars Oct 17, 2016
I throughly enjoy the way you write, its expectional. The amount of ingenious is impressive to say the least and i believe you are one of the few writers on this site that can actually convey a story remarkably well. Keep up the good work and i cant wait to read more.
BloodySir13 BloodySir13 Oct 23, 2016
@Zenith-Dave bollocks.  Thanks though don't hold your breath every chapter is a new dawn.