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◇ homicide squad ◇ By homicidesquad Updated Mar 26, 2017

❝it's our p a r a d i s e, 
and it's our w a r 
      z o n e.❞

【 rated m for a reason 】

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joshaya_is_forever joshaya_is_forever Sep 04, 2016
Please please please put joshaya in here. You don't have to put a lot of joshaya. Heck I'll take just a chapter of that's all you want. Please?
Emster118 Emster118 Jul 04, 2016
Super excited!! (and if you were to do a joshaya one I wouldnt complain)
rileyos rileyos Jul 30, 2016
I always though Isadora was a bit more dominate in the relationship
farklesmaya farklesmaya Jul 03, 2016
sooooo stoked for this, because i totally feel like the only shameless person that writes smut sometimes. lmfao. c: c: c: (also 'yall could totally throw a little markle in the mix and i would not complain one bit. c; <3)
stardusterso stardusterso Aug 13, 2016
there's such thing as smarkle smut? they're just too innocent to do that imo