Otaku Thoughts (Thoughts Book IV)

Otaku Thoughts (Thoughts Book IV)

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Hope "Moose" Williams By hope_forever_18 Completed

The fourth book, what an accomplishment.

Oh, wait...it only means that I have even less of a life than I did before.

Good afternoon, lovely people of Wattpad. I am Hope and I will act as your guide to the inside of my mind, where you have seen the thoughts that are frazzled, deep, and hopeful. Now...well, they're just the thoughts of an anime nerd.

I started out with just Fairytail, now I've got Hetalia, Black Butler, Soul Eater, Ouran High School Host Club, and more all piling in and adding on to the weirdness that is my life. 

I am seventeen years old and I'm going to be a child for as long as I want, thank you very much.

Sneak peeks to upcoming fanfictions, question tags, and other stuff.

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FreedJustineFangirl FreedJustineFangirl Feb 15, 2017
Lucy's expression in the second to last picture is priceless
- - Aug 04, 2016
I love the fact Sebastian is on your cover. Grel would be happy.