Free Wind

Free Wind

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Crystal Santacruz By Santacruz23 Completed

It is 1829 in Georgia, United States and there is much tension with the Native Americans for land. Rosette Johnson, half white and half Cherokee, lives with her grandfather, a greedy landowner and despises the native people, and also lives with her older cousin, who is nice to Rosette. Although Rosette is half Cherokee, she is known to be a great beauty and has many admirers. One is Corporal George Dickson, who is known for his brutality against the natives. The other is a Cherokee Free Wind, a fierce warrior fighting for his people's land. Rosette will face many troubles with laws being placed, knowing her true identity and being with her love.

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Cover By: Selenereese
Highest Ranked: #51 Historical Fiction

  • 1800s
  • nativeamerican
  • racism
  • romance
  • tragedy
  • unitedstates
elleonrosk elleonrosk Apr 12
omg.... this draws me in like heck!! so glad that i found this book! o.o
BuT I thought it was the grandfather who hates natives. Also I thought she lived with her  cousin and grandfather. It doesn't make sense that anrette is half Cherokee and her father loved his wife but hates Indians.
Ocanada_ Ocanada_ Jul 05, 2016
Great first chapter.  You did a nice job of introducing the main character.  From the get-go, the reader knows Anrette isn't a cookie-cutter fifteen-year-old.  Good work.  :)
D_M_Smith D_M_Smith Nov 08, 2016
Some constructive criticism for you...try to keep to one tense. In this paragraph you switch between present and past. Otherwise it's a great first paragraph and I'm super excited to keep reading!
- - Jul 03, 2016
Thank you for the dedications! ☺ ✍ This story has a lot of potential. Great opening chapter.
jisha96 jisha96 Nov 05, 2016
I don't know why b8 I feel the picture is of Russian president Vladimir putin dressed as a young girl😆😂