Bloodlust for Love (Karma x Nagisa)

Bloodlust for Love (Karma x Nagisa)

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ashley (no shit) By ashleyamarquez Completed

Karma Akabane is the world's best assassin who has been given a job. To assassinate Nagisa Shiota. When his plan to kill him on the spot fails, his new plan is to befriend him and kill him in the process. He runs into him at a cafe, and they talk for a while and become friends. As their friendship strengthens, Karma begins to develop feelings for Nagisa. Will he be able to assassinate him, or will his feelings get in the way of it all?

NOTE: This is an AU where the events of Class 3-E did not take place. Koro-sensei wasn't present before this ( ;-; ). This takes place after high school.

DISCLAIMER: I do NOT own any of the Assassination Classroom/Ansatsu Kyoushitsu characters.

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I used to think that "the coast is clear" was actually "the ghost is clear"
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wait nvm i'm not straight and i straighten my hair all the time so
Aye! Why not lol noooo that Æsshole is actually real nice yeah
This is Just like fanny,from Mobile legends,she is an assassin, there was more assassin  but I like fanny better
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