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↪2nd book to ❝ Black Butler Crack ❞

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icecream_oreos icecream_oreos May 25, 2017
*reads comments to see if any body said something about hard stop Lucas*
                              ......Welp I guess I'm the first one :P
ChubbyButtercup ChubbyButtercup Apr 17, 2017
Lol I wonder if the reason every reaper is forced to wear glasses or are considered traiters is because Will is self conscious about the fact that he HAS to wear them
Nezyboi Nezyboi Aug 10, 2016
Mister Faustus could you please not ship my young master WITHOUT ME?! I MEAN I LOVE THIS SHIP HOW COULD YOU? XD
- - Aug 08, 2016
I can already tell..... I will loose innocence. 
                              If I had any.
- - Aug 08, 2016
I ship it..... 
                              A little..... JUST STARTED THE DAMN SEASON.