PrestonPlayz Is My Brother?! (Lachlan X Reader) {Completed}

PrestonPlayz Is My Brother?! (Lachlan X Reader) {Completed}

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Mason Finn By mason_is_a_loser Completed

You're going through some files and see some birth certificates, you, your brother's, your mom's and dad's, and one more. You pick it up, it was for someone named Preston, he had your last name so you asked your parents about it. Turns out your idol, PrestonPlayz, is your brother.

Facts: When you find the certificates, you're on vacation from college and you went to your parents house. You are 19, three years younger than Preston. Preston was given up for adoption after he was born. You fall in love with Lachlan. It's summer vacation. You're a genius so after summer vacation you don't have to go to college again.

A/n: I might write a version of this where you're 10 or 11

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cheetahgirl2005 cheetahgirl2005 Dec 23, 2017
who can travel without there ear buds like for me it's impossible
ThatEmoGirlKatie ThatEmoGirlKatie Aug 20, 2017
                              *thinks to my self* you're a player *says out loud* IM A PLAYER!!
cheetahgirl2005 cheetahgirl2005 Dec 18, 2017
A couple things why Lachlan 2 why don't you because you are her brother and 3 can't you spend time with Each other before you get ready
impala642 impala642 Dec 04, 2017
i would be teasing preston none stop about poofless
                              (i would also be trying to make it cannon)
FanficLover3232 FanficLover3232 Mar 05, 2018
Instead of your name, I see, insert randomness name you like, and my mind instantly goes to Kira which is a random name I just thought about
Miss_Understood1 Miss_Understood1 Oct 05, 2017
They say there's a first time for everything so tell me deji what the hell were you thinking