Love like no other <3 (Druna fanfic)

Love like no other <3 (Druna fanfic)

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Draco Malfoy is an ex Death Eater. Everyone knows this, and no one forgets. He returns for his seventh year at Hogwarts hoping for a fresh start.

Luna Lovegood has always been a bit kooky. But know she has moved on to face reality. As Head Girl she must share a dorm with the Head Boy, Draco Malfoy, and doesn't judge him as most people would.

Luna returns to Hogwarts as a war hero and a friend of the Golden Trio. Neville Longbottom and Luna were together before the war, but after the Battle of Hogwarts Neville moves on and leaves Luna heartbroken. Luna is determined to win him back from the clutches of Hannah Abbot, and goes back to Hogwarts in hope of reclaiming his love.

A series of heartbreak, love, unlikely friendships, and betrayels await Draco and Luna. Will they find love in each other or will they die trying?

Join Draco and Luna in this story of how they came to have a love like no other.

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Luna is fooking perfect like I would literally turn for her!!!
Omg why would Neville say that hes making Luna doubt herself even tho shes perfect
guys this was my first fanfiction ever this is a huge milestone in my life and I'm coming back after like three years holy shat
Actually Neville was so stupid to say that. 'even in the books he's stupid'
He should know who she is, he did take the pîss out of her for like 7 years
- - Mar 06
No Luna you are pretty,smart,and cool he is just too stupid to see it.