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Gravity Ascends (Reverse Falls FanFiction)

Gravity Ascends (Reverse Falls FanFiction)

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Del By FandomsLandfill Updated Nov 26, 2016

Mabel and Dipper Gleeful are the most popular, attractive, nicest, and flawless people in the town of Gravity Ascends. As you would think... On the inside, they have a side that no one has ever seen...

Gideon Pines isn't too ecstatic to visit his Uncle Bud and the sleepy town of Gravity Ascends, not because of his uncle himself, just that the town let off a weird vibe. Until one fateful day, he discovers something interesting... His best friend Pacifica Southeast on the other hand, is super excited to explore the town with Gideon and spend the best summer with him! (Which may or may not happen.)

When the perfect twins of Gravity Ascends find out that their arch rival, Bud Gleeful (who also own their business nemesis, the Tent of Telepathy) has his nephew and his best friend coming along, the best friends may be in for an interesting summer vacation.

Hiphop75 Hiphop75 Jul 06, 2016
Add a few more beats and a sprinkle of other sounds from gravity falls, this might make a pretty good song
I listened to like 7 seconds of it then turned it off because it got really annoying
PotatoBookWorm36 PotatoBookWorm36 Dec 14, 2016
In the beginning, God Said: "Let There Be Light!"
                              (Chapter title)
TheDancingBlueDonuts TheDancingBlueDonuts Sep 10, 2016
*cries at them not being tight with will and deuce* B-but willdip.
PotatoBookWorm36 PotatoBookWorm36 Dec 14, 2016
Is it wrong that Im Planning to watch the full thing for an hour