Super |Septiplier|

Super |Septiplier|

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Suffering™ By Lynn_Shawe Completed

After a laboratory incident, an odd mix of chemicals was let into the air. The upside was that they only affected one quarter of the population, and gave them supernatural abilities. At first, people tried to accept these changes and move on, but bad apples in the bunch  poisoned normal people's ideas of the Supers. There was a movement to lock the Supers up, but people took it too far, going on to torture and torment those caught.

Mark, a powerful Super, didn't stand for this. He rose up and rebelled, wiping out many Regulars (those without powers) in the process. This allowed Supers to rise up with him and rule. Despite the weak resistance he may face, Mark sits atop the world, prepared for anything.

Jack is a Regular who was 'lucky' enough to survive the Cleansing. He's enslaved to the Supers and lives terribly nowadays, barely making it on a day to day basis. The worst mistake of his life was the day he bumped into the worst Super of them all, Mark.

But was it truly the worst mistake, or will it be the best coincidence?
(Based on a RP)

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greekguy51 greekguy51 Sep 06, 2017
*whistles like im innocent, trips "accidently" and phases my hand through marks chest* oh sorry *whispers* not sorry
AshleyMenzato AshleyMenzato Jun 22, 2017
I guess darkiplier is being nice to jack for some reason very suspicious. dark do u have feelings for jack and not anti?
AshleyMenzato AshleyMenzato Jun 22, 2017
I don't know why but this is reminding me of the red headed avox girl in the hunger gamed that katniss couldn't save!
completetrashtbh completetrashtbh May 20, 2017
What?!? Jack's being quiet?!? But he's a living megaphone?!?!
togirlygamer56 togirlygamer56 Sep 09, 2017
ooooooooooohhh frik yes
                              some kinks are gunna be in this, i can sense it lol
togirlygamer56 togirlygamer56 Sep 09, 2017
i counted all the people mentioning kinks, not including me, and it's 10 people!!