Pure Obsession [MxMxB]

Pure Obsession [MxMxB]

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WARNING: Contains strong, explicit language and mature content. 

{Book one of the Pure series}

Nathan moves into a new city, to start his college life. He is excited to start his college life and he quickly makes new friends. He meets two men that changed his life completely. 

A little tease:

"Don't hold back darling, you know how much I love listening to your lovely voice." Nathan moaned and panted loudly after hearing that. 

"Such a good little boy, aren't you? I think someone deserves a reward." Nathan groaned as he felt the man's large hand slide down from his nipples. 

"Please." Nathan whimpered, arching his back into the man, and begging him to touch him more. The man chuckled darkly. 

(¬‿¬)... I know, I'm bad.

Oh this my second time reading this book it was so good did😂😂
Deadpool894371 Deadpool894371 Dec 26, 2016
Girls do not giggle this much ever . I would kill a lot of them if they did. and I'm a girl
I'm 14, a girl and I'm 5.10" and my brother is 19 and he's 6.7"
Heelloo somehow I didn't finish this book and forgot every thing about it so I'm gonna reread this thing
I'm 14 and 5'4. I love my height because I'm not too short or too tall.
sindydwinger sindydwinger Oct 19, 2016
seems very nice ....but please could you edit it?I like it will finish it