Pure Obsession [MxMxB]  (CURRENTLY EDITING)

Pure Obsession [MxMxB] (CURRENTLY EDITING)

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Kat By kat_96 Updated Jul 13

WARNING: Contains strong, explicit language and mature content. 

 *CURRENTLY EDITING, read it at your own risk*

{Book one of the Pure series}

Nathan moves into a new city to start his college life. He is excited to start his college life and he quickly makes new friends. He meets two men that changed his life completely.

sangriax sangriax Jul 23
Also I like when guy characters aren't super short because it makes it easier for me to imagine them😂is that weird? Probably
Well he sure is tall, I'm only 5'2 whilst a bunch of others my age are 5'5 and above
clairesdaya clairesdaya Aug 06
You know if a stranger stroked my forehead I'd be OUTTA THERE LIKE NOBODYS BUSINESS
sangriax sangriax Jul 23
I thought he was actually talking to his dad and this already sent me on a whirlwind of emotions
clairesdaya clairesdaya Aug 06
I mean I would too. But that's most likely due to the fact I'm a lesbian 😂😂😂
I'm 5'8 I'm not sure if I've hit my growth spurt yet because I've always been abnormally taller ever since I was young.