My Wattpad Friend

My Wattpad Friend

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Cecilia Gray By Persassy13 Updated Sep 14, 2017

Here's a friend group for anyone who wants to make friends on wattpad.  Not in a creepy way, but it's just a way to meet people with your reading preferences.  You can talk about fandoms, share book recommendations, and just get to know people.

The idea was stemmed from a book called My Wattpad Love.  In the story, the girl meets a guy on Wattpad, the meet each other, and they fall in love etc...etc... 

You don't have to share personal information, meet anyone who joins, or anything on that scale.  Just meet some people and share some jokes.

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StarcasticSarcastic StarcasticSarcastic May 05, 2017
Hey, I'm StarcasticSarcastic (but you can call me Star) and I need some friends.
support_the_weird support_the_weird Jul 20, 2017
Hi! My name is Grace, and I am VERY big on fandoms (mainly Marvel Supernatural and musicals). I want to meet new people.
alisa1019 alisa1019 Aug 28, 2016
Omg I love making new friends 
                              Anyone have Instagram or snapchat
oneinimillion oneinimillion Jan 17, 2017
Hey you guys. Try my book. It's called colossal wings. Thanks.
Tragicghost Tragicghost Oct 01, 2016
Hello guys I'm new to wattpad like about a week now.  I make short stories like all the time and if you have the time you should check out my stories.  Best regards.  -Tragicghost
subitopiano subitopiano Aug 25, 2016
I'd be interested in making friends, but I wouldn't want to make a book myself