Chasing Hope [Jungle Book Fanfiction]

Chasing Hope [Jungle Book Fanfiction]

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15 years.

That's how many years have passed since the death of Iris's father.

Every day that passed since that brutal night, Iris had been traveling and searching for a new place to call home.
She had been only four years old when she was forced to leave her home. Man had unleashed the red flower in the forest she was living in.

Now, Iris is 19 and has come across a thick jungle. She decides to investigate, thinking it might be a good home.
What she didn't know was that she would befriend a black panther. Or a sloth bear.
She didn't know that she would fall for another animal. And that she would face more heart breaking violence.


"Why does mother nature hate me so much..?" Iris whispered. She clawed at the water in front of her. The flat surface turned into a rippling puddle before becoming flat again.

"Everything I gain, leaves me."

"I've been chasing false hope ever since I thought this jungle could be a peaceful place."

alystxo alystxo Apr 15
Please update soon, I love it so far! Can't wait for more :)
JJissweet JJissweet May 12
Yea, I understand, I can only publish chapters of my books when I have a lot of free time.
Awww the first chapter was really good too cant wait for the next one
It's okay, many of us understand. As for the ones that don't understand your reason well they can go to the nether.
xohaleyyy xohaleyyy Sep 08
Please update. I’m loving the book so far and I want to see what happens next
This is awesome ! I am so glad that you are going to continue with this story