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In Time {Solangelo}

In Time {Solangelo}

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Nico di Angelo a half-blood son of Hades, was born in the past, his mother's death was Zeus's fault. His older sister Bianca di Angelo died four years ago, trying to help Percy Jackson. And even after Bianca's death and after he blamed the son of Poseidon for it, Nico had found himself attracted to Percy. 
In the 1940's it was not exactly considered 'normal' to be gay and even if times have changed it is just one more thing about Nico di Angelo. And now after the war with the giants and Gaea, Nico has decided to stay at camp, he has realized he's over Percy. 
Only to fall for Will Solace... 
-insert suspenseful music here-

My sister cannot see this threat or she will use it against me.
karma_Krazi karma_Krazi May 13
I did this once with a few of my friends who said that Harry Potter was better than PJO and HoO I took blood of Olympus and was yelling at them why that was not true
Omg I swear this is the best character I have ever read about 😍😍, she ships Solangelo and reads HP. Like me 😂😍
Draphangelturi Draphangelturi Sep 16, 2016
I did this with someone's hand and succeeded. It was funny but I think it was mean of me. He was rolling on the floor when the teacher came in and yes, I was at school. At least he didn't tell on me...
Draphangelturi Draphangelturi Sep 16, 2016
I did this once too. I was hitting my three friends with my hardcover book and screaming something like that along those lines. They never bothered me in that subject again. That made me feel proud.
Draphangelturi Draphangelturi Sep 16, 2016
I would have put that differently but it fits, she's awesome.