One Tough Cookie

One Tough Cookie

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juren By ajuren Updated Sep 08, 2018

"Parker, what have I done to deserve this?, infact, I don't care what it is, I'm sorry. Please just go"

"What do you mean?" he looked confused 

"Relax Amy, we just want to be friends" Ben said

"Why?, we've been in this school for more than two years, why do you want to be friends now?, expecially when its our last year here"

        Amy Monroe is just another high school student, she doesn't like drama, extra attention or tiring situations.

   She only has two friends and has no intension of changing that,

   So what happens? when two new characters walk into her life claiming they want to be 'friends',

 And what if? one of those characters has an hidden agenda, and that hidden agenda is love?

      This is a short book about friendship, love and friendzones. There will be sparks, stupidity, oblivion, little clichés and if we're lucky, we might also find love somewhere in the mix, So give it a try and have a little laugh.


   ■ this book has not been edited, there are probably alot of grammatical errors or spelling mistakes 

■ there's also a little bit of cussing in this book, so readers discretion is advised [hehe always wanted to say that]

Anyways, hope you all enjoy the book, thanks✌