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For The Kids' Sake

For The Kids' Sake

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Raine Manlapas By RaineManlapas Completed

Francis Luvienco, a promising architect/civil engineer, was left with the responsibility of taking care of his two nephews and one niece when his brother Albert  and his wife Claire Alegre died on a car accident.  His fiancee, Carmi didn't seem to care for his nephews and niece. And such had caused a crack in their relationship until they broke up.

Karylle Alegre just came from a failed relationship when her cousin/best friend Claire Alegre-Luvienco died with her husband Albert Luvienco in a car accident.  Her plans on going abroad for a job was momentarily halted when Francis Luvienco, the legal guardian of Claire's and Albert's children asked her to stay for a while and helped him looked after the kids until they had adjusted to their new lives without their parents. She agreed because she loves Claire's children.

In the course of her stay,  Francis had asked her to marry him for the kid's sake...

Will she agree?

The characters, places and events are all just part of the author's imagination. Although some people, places and events exist in the real world, if some events are beyond the truth then that's what fiction is all about! 

To understand more of the setting, please read

Happy reading!

I appreciate the detailed description but the sizes are too small...coz 1meter is equivalent to only, a 6x4 room is too small for a master bedroom...unless he's not as rich as based on your description..... Its a bit small for an 8 bedroom house..
T-H-E-M...  Them
                              ... Parent trap? 
                              Anyone? 😢
jing79og jing79og Aug 19, 2015
The storyline is interesting but the dialogue is a bit stiff
__idiosyncratic __idiosyncratic Nov 06, 2014
Girls are so stupid of course he wouldn't have chosen you ! So dumb!!
LinaNaily LinaNaily Sep 24, 2014
too much names.. too much towns and cities.. not good at all for first pages of first chapter.. confusing