roses || m

roses || m

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m || explicit themes and words

He walks past her on the street.
He looks at her face almost in awe.
She passes him and he smiles to himself.
He looks back at her.
She doesn't remember his face.
Since she didn't pay him any mind.
He knows her, he knows about her, he could start a conversation with her and it would go without a kink.
But he can't seem to bring himself to do it.
He knows her birth month, favorite movie, colour, her siblings names, her full name, her pet peeve, even how when she sneezes, she always smiles afterward.
He knows her inside and out, but not in a normal way.
He almost does research on her.
Watches her.
He even has almost a shrine of her pictures.
Some of her walking, her taking off her shirt, her laughing, her with a straight face.
Some of her sleeping, eating, even brushing her teeth.
Just everything about her.
Then he finds her instagram. 
And she can finally talk to him on social media.
Not knowing that it's a blessing
And a curse...


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oppanamjoonie oppanamjoonie Aug 23, 2017
I had to change my panties 3 times looking at it. 🤷🏽‍♀️🤤
lightskinlife lightskinlife Apr 14, 2017
Omg the description for this story mAkes Prince a STAWLKA I'm kiddinz lol
Silly_nilly123 Silly_nilly123 Apr 17, 2017
He deadass throwing shade on that beautiful non cloudy day 😭😭😭😭
princesscandyv princesscandyv Sep 28, 2016
Hey class we're gonna talk about how Jerome's PULL OUT game is weak...
                              Damn bitch, keep yo mouth shut
PrinceThaaBae PrinceThaaBae Dec 11, 2016
This request is so precise 😭this is what the notification actually looks like too
skywavy skywavy Aug 07, 2016
cuz he dont pay the bills or live there if he dead in this story im sorry