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Honey Rose Nacario By RioJuno Completed

"Say it again"
Sasuke said

"I-im pregnant"
Naruto said

Sasuke look at him for a minute

"Stop this naruto "
He said in mad tone

"Is this is a joke or your prank, stop it"
He added

"S-sasuke it's not a joke I'm pregnant"
Naruto said in trembling voice

"Bullshit naruto!"
Sasuke said while he punched the wall
That make naruto flinched


"I know that you don't like her, that's why you're doing this prank, we are getting married soon, you know that, and you're doing this prank to separate us, right?!"
Sasuke shout

"N-no sasuke pls l-listen to me"
Naruto plead while crying

"Why should I'm going to listen on you?"

"Sasuke I'm really pregnant"
Naruto said

"Stop this naruto, we're already done three months pass, so stop this prank"

Sasuke start to walk but naruto hug him at the back that stop him

"Sasuke pls don't leave me"
Naruto said crying 

Sasuke pushed him away
And he turns to naruto 

"I will prove it sasuke,pls don't leave me"

"I don't want you anymore to come in o...