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Curly Haired Bad Boy (Larry Stylinson Student/Teacher Fan Fiction)

Curly Haired Bad Boy (Larry Stylinson Student/Teacher Fan Fiction)

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Sam By onedirection23rd Completed

He was his teacher. He was his student. He was different.  You could say Harry was the bad boy. People moved out of his way when he passed. Harry didn't care. He didn't care about school, his family, and especially people's feelings. Harry didn't mind hurting people if it meant he got his way. He always got his way and no one could tell him otherwise.  Louis grew up in Doncaster, went to college in Holmes Chapel, and soon became an English teacher at a very well known all boys school. Louis had no idea what to expect, but he definitely wasn't expecting a student like Harry Styles.

SammyTheRat SammyTheRat Feb 01, 2016
I'm Harry af like twins nigga is Harry personality based on me???
spellingbeeznuts spellingbeeznuts Aug 29, 2016
anyway so like the trailer was the ish, with headphones it's like yASSS and i loved it
"Hey i'm Mr. Tomlinson". "You can call me like that or you can call me daddy"
Lol I burst into laughter why is she here go away you desperate little piece of sh- shizz
frustratedwriter666 frustratedwriter666 Sep 28, 2015
This story sounds so wrong in so many levels...just the way i liked it...lmao